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Below is a helpful list to measure your doors.

First off inspect your units: Are they structurally sound? Do not worry about edges and sides, we can cover those later.

Do the doors fit in front of the carcass or sit inside of a frame? If they sit inside of a frame then they are generally a lot more difficult to refurbish and professional advice would be best. We can help to anyone with pictures of their units that are unsure of, but 99 percent of kitchens that have been manufactured in the last 30 or more years are ‘front fixing’.

How do i order my doors of tefore

We have broken this down into simple steps for you.

1, First of all browes our kitchen doors to find what door style you like. we will cover finish later

2, Next choose your size from the 1st drop down option, if your size is not on that list then no problem, simply look further down the page for the "custom size" blue button, just click this then type in your required size.

3, Next is the framed door option if you dont require any framed doors just leave this as "no frame required".The framing options are, Rebated so you can insert your own glass ,Clipped this is the most popular as it gives a better finish on the back of the door, the glass simply fits to the back of the frame abd is held in place with the supplied clips. The other options are if you would like the doors glazed, please note this is acrylic and the door will be supplied rebated for you to seal the acrylic in yourself.

4, Square edged option, this is used for hinged corner base units were people want one of the edges to be totally flat for hinge purposes. again just leave as "no square edge required"if not needed.

5, Choose what finish you require. By clicking the colour options you will be presented with a pop up menu showing all the colours available in that style, you can click the colours to get larger images. simply choose what colour you want.

6, Hinge hole positions. If you require hinge holes for your doors we need to know what dimensions you require from the top of the door and bottom of the door as illustrated above.

7, Hinge side. This is to tell us what side you require the hinge holes on, Below is more details but a simple guide to remember is when you open the door are the hinges on the left hand side if they are then its left hand side, we also off the option of top hung for up and over doors and also no hinge holes required for appliance doors etc.

8, Click add to basket, Congratulations you have just ordered a door, simply do this process for the rest of your doors required

and as always if you are having difficulty please do not hesitate to contact us.

How do i measure my doors?

We have broken this down for you. First off all we are going to look at a highline unit

A Highline unit

LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01

I have dimensioned the highline unit so you can understand were to measure. However an easy reference is to take 5mm off the height of the unit and 4mm of the width of the unit
(8mm for double units) or just measure your existing doors.

For example:

A carcass that is 720mm in height (measured from the underside of the base unit to the underside of the work top) and 500mm in width (measured from left to right) would create a door size of 715mm x 496mm.
Please use exactly the same procedure for top units but remember if it is a double top unit then you need to subtract 8mm (because it has 2 doors).

A Drawline base unit

LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01

This is a double drawline base unit 1000mm wide. Like the highline base the overall height of this unit is 720mm.
Now its time to mention non-standard sizes. Standard sizes are cheaper to purchase than
non-standard so always try and use standard wherever you can.
The above drawline base we have established that the overall height is 720mm. For the highline base
we need to subtract 5mm of this for the gap to the underside of the worktop. Now we need to subtract
5mm again for the gap between the door and drawfront. This leaves us with 710mm. As explained earlier please try to use standard sizes here.

For the above unit our shopping list would be.
570 x 496 2off
140 x 496 2off

Drawer packs

LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01

We are presented with a 4 drawer pack. Now again lets work on the fact that this unit is 720mm high. Again we know we have to take 5mm off the top so nothing rubs on the underside of the worktop. We then have 4 draws with 3 equal gaps so let’s subtract 20mm 5mm for the underside of the worktop and then 5mm for each gap that the drawers need. That leaves 700mm, so divide it by 4 and we have 175mm. This would be your height for the drawers.

Please remember 2 points:

1. If you are ordering different size drawer fronts to your existing ones please ensure your drawer systems will not interfere with these sizes when opening.

2. Drawer styles become door styles after 283mm. Please remember this for appearance for design.

Door Handing

LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01

When you order your doors you will be asked what side the doors will have the hinge holes in. Above is an image showing a left hand (because the door is fixed on the left hand side). If you would like no holes in the door for integrated appliances etc. please highlight the NB on order (NB = Not

Door Hinge hole positions

LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01

This is important, especially if you want to utilise your existing hinges. Although we do recommend you change your hinges we understand some customers may not want to. The hole we drill for the
hinges is a standard 35mm hole. It is best if you remove one of your existing hinges and measure the
We will need to know what distances the hinges are drilled at. When you order the doors you will need to fill in the required information of what drill hole distances you require. This is easy to measure. We recommend you check all your doors as they sometimes can vary. You need to measure the distance from the top and bottom edge of the doors to the centreline of the hinge
as can be seen in the above picture.

Drawer Systems

First off we supply 3 different drawer systems.

Bottom fix.
These are supplied as just runners for you to manufacture your own drawer systems, or just as replacements for existing drawers.

Harn steel sided drawers.
These are white steel sided draws with16mm base.

Harn triomax soft close twin cavity draws.
These are luxury draw systems that have grey steel sides and white 16mm base.

Both the last 2 systems we would require your carcass interior measurement so we can manufacture these for you.

Below is an image showing how to measure this:

LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01

How Do I Measure my plinths?

Measure from the floor to the underside of the cabinet. Measure in a few different places in the kitchen as floors normally runs out of square. Choose the highest figure and cut to suit for the best effect or order them undersize for easy fit.

How do i fit the vinyl to my carcass sides?

A full fitting guide will be emailed to you or posted when you place an order, but we will cover the basics here:
The golden rule with fitting vinyl is that surface preparation it is not going to stick to greasy carcass sides. We normally just lightly rub the area with sandpaper then cleans with white spirit allow to dry, and then apply the vinyl.
The vinyl is peel-and-stick and gives amazing strength. If fitted correctly it is just trimmed then with a standard Stanley knife.

Is it ok to fit my doors either side of the oven?

This is perfectly OK. A simple test is to run your oven to cooking temperature and then put your hands either side of the door were the new door will go. If your hand gets hot you might need a new oven or have oven shields fitted. These can be retro fitted to 95% of ovens on the market. Oven shields just divert the heat from the sides to the front without invalidating your guarantee. Most new ovens have shields built in but they are available from us if required.

I want to change my edging tape

This is very simple to do. We sell matching edging for all our Bella range and solid wood range. Each average single unit would use around 2.5 metres of edging. It is applied with a simple household iron (no steam) then trimmed to suit. Again full fitting instructions will be included on sale.

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